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Chess Grandmaster Nigel Short visits Liberia's Chess Federation… conducts training
MONROVIA, LIBERIA-For the first time, Liberia Chess Federation has received one of Chess’s greatest players, Grandmaster Nigel David Short, who is ranked 65 among the World’s top 100 Chess Players.
World Cup 2018: 'Salah used for political capital' as Chechnya host Egypt training
Chechnyan leader Ramzan Kadyrov used Mohamed Salah for "political capital" by being pictured with the Egypt star, says an anti-discrimination chief.
Ghana dissolves football association after cash gifts scandal
ACCRA,GHANA-Ghana has dissolved its national football association after its president was filmed apparently accepting a "cash gift".
FIFA Orders “Chronological Steps” to solve LFA Presidential Election Dispute…as Bility Stays on
MONROVIA,LIBERIA-Football World Body FIFA has finally have a say in the disputed Liberia Football Association (LFA) Presidential election with a mandate to the LFA to take a Chronological steps to settle the impasse that has kept Liberian football hostage.
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