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President Weah’s Gov't Begins Bearing Good Fruits? (Part One)
The Late Prince Nico, in one of his songs, Nature, contends that good trees bear good fruits while bad trees bear bad fruits. In the same music, he argues that nature does not really cheat; meaning that anything an individual does is what he is paid for.
Protecting Media Aristocracy in today’s Liberia
Journalism, in my opinion, is one of the well-respected professions in nearly every modern society. The unique nature of the media profession can easily be sensed through the way in which Journalists are well admired by the public in nearly every human environment. Before I could even begin thinking about becoming a journalist, starting from the concept of high school campus-based approaches in the middle of the 80's, one of the things that quickly moved me so much was the manner in which people respected journalists those days.
Elections: Message of Peace, history making for Liberians
I am particularly excited to be in Liberia this time and to be part of the history making process in this country. In moments like these, I feel even more proud to be one of Liberia’s legitimate owners and to be called a Liberian.
Diplomatic relations between the Republic of Liberia and the Government of the United States of America continue to growover the years in many positive aspects.
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