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Bong Rice Farmers harvest 253 acres…
NOINSEN DISTRICT, BONG COUNTY, LIBERIA-In 2018, Kesseh Yeleboh, a son of Boinsen District in Bong County, imported two farm tractors in to the Country to assist more than 500 struggling farmers from seven villages in his district, to mechanize food crops production, mainly rice.
Liberia’s Economy goes cashless soon
MONROVIA, LIBERIA-The Liberian economy is on the verge of going cashless; thanks to the vision of the new leadership of the Central Bank of Liberia (CBL) to ensure that some of the many financial problems that the country faces are resolved.
 Add value to Liberia’s natural resources to spur economic growth- Dr. Tipoteh
MONROVIA,LIBERIA-The Liberian Economy Group (LEG), has warned the government to stop reneging on its responsibility to promote the manufacturing industries in order to end spiraling recessions and spur real economic growth.
Liberia scores below Regional Average in …
MONROVIA,LIBERIA–A new World Bank report, Doing Business, showed Liberia trailing in removing limits in starting up a small-scale business, but Togo and Nigeria have made some tremendous strides in the Sub-Saharan region and remain among the top global performers.
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