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Liberia, Guinea hold security meeting

By Correspondent, Papa Morris
The Execution Mansion, Monrovia
The Execution Mansion, Monrovia

( A two-day peace and security meeting between Liberia and Guinea border residents has ended.

The meeting, between Bong County in central Liberia and Guinea’s Youmou region, was held in the Guinean town of Larkpara.

It was aimed at discussing how the citizens residing along the border areas of the two neighboring countries can contribute to improving security in those areas.

According to our Bong County Correspondent, the gathering also highlighted problems citizens of the two border areas are being faced with regarding security matters.

At the opening of the peace meeting, Bong County Superintendent, Selena Mappay, stressed the need for co-existence between Liberia and Guinea.

Mrs. Mappay said: “The Liberian Government is committed to ensuring that unity exists between the citizens of the two countries.”

She urged Guinean authorities to ensure that their citizens do not smuggle their locally made arms into Liberia.

Superintendent Mappay noted: “I believe Guineans will not use their country as safe-haven for people wanting to cause trouble in Liberia.”

An official of the Guinean Government, Jean Sandy, described the gathering as big step towards achieving lasting peace between the two MRU Countries.

Mr. Sandy then urged the citizens of Liberia and Guinea to be their own security, rather than leaving everything with their respective leaders.


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