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Minister Ngafuan opposes small arms spreading

By Patrick Flomo
Foreign Minister, Augustine Ngafuan
Foreign Minister, Augustine Ngafuan

( 9/2013) Foreign Minister, Augustine Ngafuan, is calling for more robust, honest, and concerted efforts, aimed at stopping the proliferation of small arms in Africa.

Minister Ngafuan said: “Small arms have fueled many violent conflicts on the continent. I therefore want youth employment put on the front burner.”

He described youth unemployment as a threat to peace and security, especially in post-conflict fragile states.

“Regional and sub-regional corporation, aimed at bolstering peace and security as a path that must continue to be pursued,” the Liberian Foreign Minister also noted.

Minister Ngafuan added: “Many sub-regional organizations, including the Mano River Union (MRU), have adopted strategies and measures to deal with common threats to the region’s peace and security.”

The MRU comprises Liberia, Cote D’Ivoire, Guinea, and Sierra Leone.

He spoke in Paris, France during the week-end, when he addressed the Elysee Summit for Peace and Security in Africa.

The Liberian Foreign Minister further noted: “In order to promote peace and security in Africa, African countries need to be their brothers’ keepers.”

“Many subversive activities and conflicts on the continent occur, because of external support,” he emphasized.
Minister Ngafuan added: “Africa is on the forward march and is transforming economically, socially, and democratically.” 


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