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Children want government halt rape against them

By Nathan Charles
Most  under-age children are  at risk
Most under-age children are at risk

( 11/ 2013) Liberian children have petitioned the government to halt all forms of rape against them.

The children presented the petition to the Justice Ministry and called on the government to speedily try rape cases in Liberia.

The organizer of the National Children Anti-Rape Campaign, Abraham Keita, said: “It was time that the Liberian Government does something, because many girls have died as the result of rape.”

Student Keita also said: “Many rape cases are still on courts’ dockets, with the occurrence of over one thousand rape cases between January and September, 2013.”

“90% of rape victims were children and about ten of them have already died from such abuse.

“Government is in a better position to stop rape against children in Liberia,” student Keita further noted.

The petitioning ceremony coincided with the launch of the National Anti-Rape Campaign.

The campaign is aimed at advocating against rape and addressing cases of sexual violence against children in the country.


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