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Mercenaries Trial Resumes at Criminal Court D

By Khalifa Sheriff
The Temple of Justice
The Temple of Justice

( The case involving seventeen alleged mercenaries resumes this week at Criminal Court “D” at the Temple of Justice in Monrovia.

The resumption of the case followed the reconstitution of the Jurors.

The Criminal Court “D” Assigned Judge, Yusuf Kaba, said: “The pre-trial has already begun at the Court, while preparation has been completed for the main trial.”

Judgment in the case was suspended due to the dishonesty of the jurors who were disqualified for what the court calls insincerity on their part during the previous trial.

The 19 Liberian mercenaries were arrested for their alleged involvement in the Ivorian Civil Conflict.

Since they were arrested and charged by the Liberian Government, they have been on trial at Criminal Court “D” for several months now.


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