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Liberia-YMCA to get US$5m modern Headquarters

By Jos Garneo Cephas 16/ 2013) A 6-man visiting team from the America-YMCA and the Liberia-YMCA have disclosed plans to construct a US$5m modern facility to host the Liberia-YMCA.

The disclosure was made recently in Monrovia by two officials of the America-YMCA and the Liberia-YMCA when they spoke to

The America-YMCA Vice President, Tom Valentine, said: “The money will be made available through contributions from international partners, the Liberian Government and local organizations, including youth groups.”

Mr. Valentine also noted: “Implementation of the building project will begin 2014 to be completed in 2016.”

Also speaking, the Liberia-YMCA National General Secretary, Edward Gboe, said: “The gesture will help expand the old local facility.” 


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