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Liberias REDD Readiness Preparation under review

By Anthony Vanwen

( Liberia is among eleven countries whose REDD Readiness Preparation Program is being reviewed.

The reviewing is taking place at the sixth Assembly Meeting in Geneva, Switzerland of the Forest Carbon Partnership Facility Participants.

REDD is the acronym for Reduced Emission from Deforestation and Degradation.

A dispatch from Geneva says the head of the Liberian delegation, Forestry Development Authority Interim Managing Director, Harrison Karnwea, is serving as one of the meeting’s Co-Chairs.

In 2008, Liberia received a grant of US$200, 000.00 to facilitate the preparation of the Readiness Preparation Proposal after declaring her intention to participate in the program.

In 2011, Liberia completed and submitted to the World Bank’s Participants Committee for approval of a Readiness Preparation Grant of US$3.6m.

The grant was subsequently approved and signed in 2012, bringing Liberia into the REDD Readiness implementation phase.

Meanwhile, a REDD implementation unit has been established and situated in the Strategic Planning Unit of the Forestry Development Authority.

Also, a Strategic Environmental and Social Assessment Unit are placed in the Climate Change Unit of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

These actions have been taken to achieve the objectives of the REDD Readiness Preparation Program.

The Forest Carbon Partnership Facility is a World Bank Program assisting developing countries to reduce Emissions from deforestation and Forest degradation.

The program is also assisting developing countries to reduce Emissions from Forest Conservation and Sustainable Forest Management.

It also enhances forest Carbon stock by providing value to standing forests.  


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