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National Legislature pledges support to NPA

By Arthur Douglas
The Capitol Building
The Capitol Building

( The National Legislature’s joint Public Accounts Committee has pledged support to the National Port Authority (NPA) to protect government’s revenue.

The committee’s Co-Chairman, Ben Fofana, said: “The Legislature will assist the NPA to ensure that its landed properties are secured and properly managed to maximize revenue.”

Representative Fofana made the comments Tuesday, December 17, 2013 during the NPA’s 2nd appearance at the Public Hearing on its landed property audit report by the General Auditing Commission (GAC).

The report, conducted between 2006 and 2007 on all NPA land in Monrovia and Buchanan, said: “Nearly US$7m revenue was lost, due to negligence of former Managing Directors of the Port.”

The report also noted: “The 83 lease agreements were signed in violation of the lease policy of 2000 and that there is no evidence that the NPA generated over US$1m as proceeds from such agreements.”

Responding, NPA Managing Director, Matilda Parker, acknowledged the reports and said: “I had begun working on recommendations contained in the report.”

“The lack of genuine land deeds defining NPA’s properties is a factor that delayed response to the audit report,” Madam Parker added.


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