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Liberians dont recognize Private Space-Rep. Gbogar

Benjamin S. Taingay
The Capitol Building, seat of  Liberia's Legislature
The Capitol Building, seat of Liberia's Legislature

Representative Gbogar said such lack of recognition, especially in the face of the Ebola Virus outbreak in the country, is a major problem the citizens are being faced with.

She emphasized that Liberians, like other Africans, normally interact to feel as a people, but must do so with extreme care and must now accept the harsh reality and nature of the killer virus.

The Gbarpolu County lawmaker made the statement Tuesday, September 30, 2014 when she addressed a cross-section of citizens from her constituency at a mass meeting in Paynesville.

The citizens had turned out in response to the Gbarpolu County lawmaker’s call to inform them about the outbreak of the Virus in the district and to gather from them the way-forward in dealing with the situation in the area.

Meanwhile, an emergency team is in District Number-Two, Gbarpolu County on a fact-finding tour.

The nine-member team is to report to an “Emergency Body” on its findings in one week.

The Emergency body, headed by Representative Gbogar, will intern submit the team’s findings to the Gbarpolu County Ebola Health Team for immediate intervention.


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