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AU wants travel ban lifted on Ebola- affected countries

Joseph Sayon
The Symbol of the African Union(AU)
The Symbol of the African Union(AU)
( 10, 2014)-The African Union (AU) has urged member states to lift the travel ban and other restrictions on Ebola-affected countries, in line with the principles of free movement.
The AU wants African countries replace these restrictions with proper exit and entry screening procedures as recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO) and ICAO.

The AU’s plea followed Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea Foreign Ministers’ presentations on the Ebola outbreak in the three West African Countries.

The three Ebola-affected West African Countries made their presentations at an Emergency Executive Council Meeting in the Ethiopian Capital, Addis Ababa.

Liberia’s Foreign Minister, Augustine Ngafuan, expressed his country’s appreciation to many countries of Africa and of the world for their contributions to the Liberian Government’s efforts to eradicate Ebola from the country.


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