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Liberian health workers suspend nation-wide strike

By Arthur Douglas
Striking health workers in Monrovia
Striking health workers in Monrovia

( 15, 2014)-The National Health Workers Association of Liberia says it has suspended its on-going nation-wide strike action.

According to a release, quoting the organization’s Executive Committee, the decision was based on “humanitarian grounds.”

The group said:” Our decision to suspend the strike action was in response to calls from the public, members of the International Community, among other prominent individuals in society.”

The Committee made the pronouncement Tuesday, October 14, 2014 during the second day of the go-slow action in Monrovia.

“Our strategy was to flag the plights of health workers who have bear undue neglect, deception, feeble threats, owing to the Liberian Government’s failure to demonstrate good leadership,” the Association also said in the release.

The group thanked its members, the media and the Liberian people for their colleagues’ support and commitment to national service.

The National Health Workers Association of Liberia’s action is in demand of salary increment, benefits and the reinstatement of their leaders.


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