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Liberia gets more foreign assistance-Minister Ngafuan

Foreign Minister, Augustine Ngafuan
Foreign Minister, Augustine Ngafuan

(,2014)-Foreign Minister, Augustine Ngafuan, says more foreign assistance is being attracted to Liberia, not only to contain Ebola, but also to address challenges in the health sector.

According to Minister Ngafuan, the ministries of Foreign Affairs, Finance and Development Planning, and Health have been making frantic efforts to solicit international support for Liberia.

He said: “President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf was directly writing and telephoning bilateral partners for the country’s support, in addition to efforts being made by the three ministries.

According to our Legislative Reporter, Foreign Minister Ngafuan made the statement Thursday, October 16, 2014 when he appeared before the House of Representatives Plenary at the National Legislature in Monrovia.

He was invited at the Legislature to up-date the august body on the various foreign contributions and commitments in cash and kind to the country.

The Liberian Foreign Minister also said: “Responses from the International Community were overwhelming. Thousands of health care workers and experts were signing up in their various countries for deployment to Liberia.”

“Nearly 5,000 people are signing up in Germany and Norway, while the full contingent of 50 medical doctors from the Republic of Cuba will arrive in the country later this month.”

“Liberia may likely get more support than needed. Such support would help expand focus on other critical health issues in post-ebola Liberia,” the Foreign Minister further noted in delight.

“Lawmakers attending Thursday’s section were concerned of accountability and value of money not only on the part of government, but also on the part of international organizations through which monies are being channeled.”

Minister Ngafuan then assured that the Liberian Government, through the Finance and Development Planning Ministry was on top of the matter.


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