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Post-conflict under development attributed to misplacement

Wilhelmina Garr-Stevens
Deputy Speaker of the House of Representatives,  Hans Barchu
Deputy Speaker of the House of Representatives, Hans Barchu

( 21, 2014)-The Deputy Speaker of the House of Representatives says the misplacement of some individuals in key areas of government is responsible for Liberia’s post-conflict under development.

According to Representative Hans Barchu, some individuals, currently occupying key positions in government, have little or no knowledge of the task assigned them.

Deputy Speaker Barchu said: “Such misplacement affects the smooth operations of several entities across Liberia.”

“It was now time for the Government to re-think its development strategy, including the appointment of people in positions of trust,” he also said.

“The Government has considered borrowing money from outside, due to revenue constraints.”

Representative Barchu made the remarks Monday, October 20, 2014 when he appeared on the ELBC “Super Morning Show” in Paynesville.

The Deputy House Speaker also noted: “Though the House was concerned about how the Government was borrowing money, the issue of good road network was essential to Liberia’s development.”

“Deplorable road network was a major contributing factor to poverty,” The Deputy House Speaker added.


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