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Dr. Omurouto observes reduction in Ebola cases

By Baysah Kollie
The Iland Clinic Ebola Unit in Monrovia
The Iland Clinic Ebola Unit in Monrovia

( 21, 2014)-The Doctor assigned at the Island Clinic says there is a decrease in the number of Ebola cases at the Treatment Unit.

According to Dr. Attar Omurouto, there are currently 150 patients at the clinic’s Ebola Treatment Unit (ETU).
Dr. Omurouto said: “The number of patients at the Island Clinic includes patients brought from the John F. Kennedy Hospital, due to the closure of the ETU at the facility.”

Dr. Omurouto made the statement Monday, October 21, 2014 in Monrovia.

She called on the public and well wishers to assist with the provision of more juices for patients at the various ETUs across Liberia.

“The patients consume more juices, compared to other food items,”

Dr. Omurouto further noted.


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