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FDA, partners to implement forestry agreement

By Joseph Sayon

( 24, 2014)-The Forestry Development Authority (FDA) has pledged to work along with all stakeholders in the forestry sector to implement the US$150m forestry agreement.

The US$150m forestry agreement was recently signed between Liberia and Norway.

Norway gave the money to Liberia to improve forest governance and help reduce greenhouse gas emissions from deforestation and forest degradation in the country.

FDA Managing Director, Harrison Karnwea, said: “FDA remains committed to transparency, accountability and open dialogue with the various partners and stakeholders in the sector.”

“The interest of all stakeholders and partners, including forest dependent communities, will be protected under the agreement,” he emphasized.

Mr. Karnwea also said: “FDA will not infringe on the rights of its partners, including Liberians, Civil Society Organizations, the Liberia Timber Association, among others.”

“Norway will provide US$55m this year (2014) for policy implementation and institution building, while US$15m will go towards direct budgetary support.


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