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Prez Sirleaf extols AU Chair

By Victor Kezelee/Joseph Koon
Chairperson of the African Union (AU), Nkosazana Dramani Zuma
Chairperson of the African Union (AU), Nkosazana Dramani Zuma

( 25, 2014)-President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf has paid tribute to the Chairperson of the African Union (AU), Nkosazana Dramani Zuma, for her visit to Liberia.

She said her visit is indicative of the AU’s resolve to reinforce efforts aimed at eradicating the Ebola virus from the country.

Addressing a news conference Thursday at the Foreign Ministry, President Johnson-Sirleaf said: “I was gratified that Nkosazana Dramani Zuma was visiting Liberia, especially during the Ebola crisis.”

Responding, Dr. Zuma expressed delight to be in Liberia to show solidarity to the country, amidst the Ebola crisis.

She recounted the positive role played in the AU by President Johnson-Sirleaf, following her ascendency to the Presidency.

She spoke of prospects of the airlines industry of AU member countries to allow flights to African countries worst hit by the Ebola virus for economic development.

The AU Chairperson, however, said: “Thorough screening of people would be put in place to avoid further spread of the disease to other countries.”

Dr. Zuma called for the building of strong health institutions in the three most affected West African countries to enhance the quality of services for their respective governments and peoples.

Dr. Zuma is the first woman to chair the AU Commission.

Appearing on the ELBC Super Morning Show Thursday, The African Union Chairperson’s Special Representative to Liberia, Tohin Solaja, gave an overview of activities of Dr. Zuma’s visit to Liberia.

Mr. Solaja said: “Dr. Zuma and delegation’s visit to Liberia is part of her tour of Liberia, Guinea and Sierra Leone.

He also said: “The essence of Dr. Zuma’s visit to the three countries is to get an overview of the Ebola outbreak in the region and of plans for the post-Ebola era.”

According to him, the AU Chairperson was expected to meet with other stakeholders in the Ebola fight, including senior Liberian Government officials.

Activities marking Dr. Zuma’s visit also included meeting with UNMIL Chief, Karin Landgren, UN Secretary General’s Special Representative on Ebola, Anthony Branbury, and members of the National Ebola Task Force.(elbcradio.


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