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872 Ebola suspects monitored in Mali

From: BBC

Eighty two people, feared to have had contacts with an Ebola infected toddler, are now being monitored in Mali.
According to Reuters News Agency, the toddler later died from the deadly virus.

Mali recently became the sixth West African nation to report an Ebola outbreak. Officials are concerned that the disease, so far being largely restricted to Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone, may spread to other countries.

Reuters also quotes Dr Stacey Mearns as describing as "shocking," conditions at a hospital treating Ebola patients in Sierra Leone. Since the boy died last week, there have been no new reported cases, the news agency further quotes Sierra Leonean health authorities as having said.

The World Health Organization's latest figures show that there have been 4,922 deaths from the Ebola virus.
All but 27 of the cases have occurred inside Liberia, Guinea and Sierra Leone.

Health officials say the virus spreads through close contact and stopping the spread of the disease in the areas hardest hit by the outbreak will prevent Ebola's spread to other countries.


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