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CSA refutes reported mass dismissal plan

By Arthur Douglas
Service Agency (CSA) Director-General, George Werner
Service Agency (CSA) Director-General, George Werner

( 31, 2014)-Civil Service Agency (CSA) Director-General, George Werner, has refuted plan by the Liberian Government to carry out mass dismissal of civil servants.

Director-General Werner clarified that the dismissal issue was only a proposal to identify and retain a sizable and effective workforce, saying: “The proposal is yet to be approved.”

He made the clarification recently when he appeared before the House of Representatives’ Plenary at the National Legislature at the Capitol in Monrovia.

The CSA Boss also said: “The plan seeks to improve effectiveness and efficiency, and salary in the public sector.”
At the same time, Labor Minister, Neto Leighe, declined to inform Plenary on the impact the proposal would have on the public.

Minister Leighe, however, said: “The document was only a proposal and that it was not clear as to how many people would be affected.”

Meanwhile, the House has warned it would not act on such plan should it be approved.

Both Director-General Werner and Minister Leighe were invited by House Plenary to appear before that august body, following a communication from Maryland County Representative, Bhofal Chamber.

Representative Chamber emphasized: “If the plan goes through, it would undermine development and therefore I saw the compelling need to draw the body’s attention to the issue.”


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