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WHO says Ebola spread has declined, but warns

By Patrick Flomo

( 5, 2014)-The World Health Organization (WHO) says: “There has been a decline in the spread of Ebola in Liberia.

Liberia is the hardest-hit among the three Ebola-infected countries in West Africa.

According to WHO’s Bruce Aylward, it is confident that the response to the virus was now gaining the upper hand.
Mr. Aylward, however, warned against any suggestion that the crisis was over.

WHO later said: “The number of cases globally had risen more than 3,000 to over 13,000 since its last report, but it was due to reporting reasons.”

“The number of deaths was put at more than 490, roughly the same as the last report four days ago. All, but ten of the deaths have been in Liberia, Guinea and Sierra Leone,” WHO also said.

Liberia’s Red Cross further noted: “Our teams collected 117 dead bodies last week, down from 315 in September.”
“Treatment centers also have empty beds available for patients.”

Dr. Aylward also noted: “There had been a huge effort to inform the population about the disease to change the behaviors that put them at risk.”

“There had been a real step-up in the work to put in place safe burials,” the WHO official said.

“The data was still being examined and cautioned against thinking the crisis was over,” he added.


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