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Legislative Committee clarifies malfeasance report

Arthur Douglas

( 19, 2014)-The National Legislature’s Joint Public Accounts Committee has clarified that its recent report does not reflect malfeasance at the National Port Authority.

The Joint Public Accounts Committee’s clarification comes amidst local media reports that its recent report on the National Port Authority reflects malfeasance at the authority.

The Committee released its findings and recommendations, following public hearings into audit reports by the General Auditing Commission (GAC) on five government ministries and state-owned enterprises.

The findings and recommendations call for appropriate measures, including prosecution for those guilty of public funds misappropriation.

The findings and recommendations were endorsed by the Legislature and forwarded to President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf for actions.

A release quotes the committee’s Secretariat as saying: “In the case of the National Port Authority, it recommended measures to correct the collection of arrears and illegal occupation of the port’s property.”

The committee said:  “The current NPA administration did not commit the mismanagements at the entity and therefore it cannot be held accountable for them.


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