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Culture Union re-echoes Copy Rights Laws enforcement

Jonathan Grigsby

(elbcradio.com/Liberia/Nov25/2014)-Two executives of the Liberia National Culture Union are calling for vigorous enforcement of the Copy Rights Law of the country.

The Culture Union’s President, Kerkurah Kamara, and Vice President for Administration, Safia Ballah, said: “In the absence of enforcing the copy rights law of Liberia, local artists will not be respected.”

Messrs Kamara and Ballah also said: “The enforcement of this law is one of the major challenges members of the Liberia National Culture Union are being faced with.”

“The lack of enforcement is the biggest discouragement for those of us who are actively involved in this sector.”
They argued: “Because the implementation of the law is very weak, artists’ creative works are being duplicated in the thousands, if not millions on the local market without them getting their royalties.”

“When the copy rights law is enforced, believe us, definitely the artists will have the market to sell their products. They would enjoy the rights that artists of other West  African Countries are enjoying”, Messrs Kamara and Ballah said.
The President and Vice President for Administration of the Liberia National Culture Union.

The National Culture Union Executives told elbcradio.com: “No business person enjoys in investing in this sector, because the Government’s regulatory arm of the copy rights law was not putting its feet down enough.”

They said in the absent of the law artists will not be Self-reliance and they will get poorer from their creative works while the plagiarizers get rich and richer, something that is detrimental to the sector.

Messrs Kamara and Ballah: “This sector can generate huge revenue for the Liberian Government once the law is being enforced because through the artists’ royalties, taxes will be deducted”.

Since assumed the leadership of the Union for the past one year now, they have constantly engaged the copy right office to ensure this law is enforced but all their efforts are yet to get a positive sign.

The Copy Right Office has the mandate to enforce this law but lack financial capability which is greatly hampering its effectiveness in regulating the sector.

The artists are investing their time, energy and resources to have a particular creative work to be produced and when it is done within the twinkling of the eye, someone without paying a cent of royalty to that individual illegally   duplicated that product having it on the market for little of nothing.

Over the years, many gospel and circular musicians have constantly complained of their products been duplicated on the Liberian market and the copy right office where such issue needs to be addressed seem to be dormant.


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