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Ledgerhood Rennie promises improved salary, content quality

Arthur Douglas
LBS Director-General Designate,Ledgerhood Rennie
LBS Director-General Designate,Ledgerhood Rennie

( 26, 2014)-Liberia Broadcasting System (LBS) Director General-Designate,Ledgerhood Rennie, LedgerhoodRennie promises improved salary, content quality.

as promised to build a professional and inclusive National Broadcaster.

Mr. Rennie is currently serving as LBS Deputy Director-General for Media Services.

He said: “The first six months of my administration will focus on strengthening and stabilizing the operations of LBS, if confirmed.”

The LBS Director General-Designate made the promise Tuesday, November 25, 2014 when he appeared before the Senate Committee on Information and Broadcasting for confirmation hearing.

He also said: “With a stabilized system, where employees’ welfare, including salaries, is improved and regularized, the content quality will be the next priority.”

“I would endeavor to achieve such objective by separating commercials from public broadcasting.”

“Though underfunding was a major challenge, with the support of the Government, I will tap on my expertise and on international contacts to bring LBS on par with regional and international state broadcasters,” Mr. Rennie also noted.

Senate Information and Broadcasting Committee Chairman, Henry Yallah, and other members of the committee, including John Ballout, Mabutu Nyenpan, and George Tengbeh cross-examined the newly appointed LBS Boss.


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