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LBS Tribute to Zoegar Q. Jaynes

Benjamin S. Taingay/Joseph T. Koon
The late Zoegar Q. Jaynes
The late Zoegar Q. Jaynes

 As we gather here today to celebrate the home-going of Mr. Zoegar Q. Jaynes, we are deeply saddened for this irreparable loss, not only to his family, but also to the LBS Family. We cannot question the Almighty for this great loss, because He knows best why now. It is often said: “There is time to be born and there is time to die.” We believe Zoegar died at the time God prescribed for him to die.

When one is born, it is usually marked by happiness and when one dies, the event is usually mournful.

When the news of Zoegar’s death at a local clinic in Paynesville was announced Friday, November 14, 2014, we at the Liberia Broadcasting System became shocked and spellbound.     

Certainly, we are here today to pay our last respect to our professional colleague, brother and friend, Zoegar Jaynes, for his immense contributions to, not only to LBS, but also to humanity.

Zoegar joined LBS in 1996 and was later assigned in the News and Public Affairs Department. At the National Radio and TV station, he served in several positions of trust.

He became Sports Reporter, Newscaster/Presenter, Director of News, Sports Director, and President of the LBS FALCONS Sports Association.

He was known to be dutiful, easy-going, intelligent, respectful, receptive, generous and bold. In light of these, we will continue missing him for exemplifying such attributes and for the vacuum his death has created in our lives.

Most importantly, one good thing we admired Zoegar for was his demonstrated willingness and preparedness to always render services to LBS, even at short notice.

Notably, Zoegar was among a team of sports veterans who analyzed the just-ended World Cup on LNTV. He was also our regular Guest Commentator for most of our OB’s, especially during local and international matches. We will really miss you, Zoegar!  

Indeed, we at the Liberia Broadcasting System would like to join the Jaynes Family, sympathizers and other love ones to celebrate Zoegar’s journey back home, even while we mourn his departure from this troublesome world.

To you, the Jaynes Family, we say take solace in the Lord and consider Zoegar’s death as the will of the Almighty Arbiter.  As the Biblical saying goes: “He who giveth, taketh away.”

We are quite aware that the vacuum created in the family cannot be filled overnight, but with God above all, the sustainability of the family will always be assured. 
During these critical moments, we wish to encourage you not to lose hope, rather unite in strength for your future betterment.

We are, therefore, convinced that Zoegar’s work performance on Earth will give him the befitting accommodation by God’s grace.

Finally, Zoegar, sleep well in the bosom of the Lord till we meet again when everyone’s work on Earth will be assessed for entry into the Heavenly Kingdom for eternity.  Farewell, Zoegar, Farewell!!


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