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LBS misses Zoegar Q. Jaynes- A profile

Benjamin S. Taingay/Joseph T. Koon
The late Zoegar Q. Jaynes
The late Zoegar Q. Jaynes

 At sunrise, the introduction of a great man to Planet, Earth, is often marked by the expression of joy–for a new member of this little Planet has emerged to brace the dignity and prosperity of nature, while at sunset his departure from this troublesome world is often greeted by deep sorrows and grieves – for it signifies that an illustrious servant of nature is no more.

That is why when the news of Zoegar Q. Jaynes’s death was announced, we at the Liberia Broadcasting System became shocked, saddened, and spellbound.  The passing away of Zoegar at a local clinic Friday, November 14, 2014 in Paynesville, following a brief illness, manifests a great loss sustained.

Young Zoegar was born November 5, 1966 in Monrovia onto the union of Mr. and Mrs. Wilmot Klimi. In 2004, he wedded Tina Roberts, now Tina Roberts –Jaynes and the couple is blessed with four children.

Following his secondary education, Zoegar graduated in 2009 from the University of Liberia (UL) with BA Degree in Mass Communication.

Zoegar, as he was affectionately called, was a renowned and professional broadcaster and a veteran Sports Commentator.

In his quest to become a career broadcast journalist, he joined the Liberia Broadcasting System in 1996 with assignment in the system’s News and Public Affairs Department.

At LBS, Zoegar served in several positions, including Sports Reporter, Newscaster/Presenter, Director of News, Sports Director, and onetime President of the LBS FALCONS Sports Association.

As a sports celebrity, the veteran practitioner became a long-term member of the Sports Writers’ Association of Liberia (SWAL). His interest in multiple sporting activities led him to serve as Sports Administrator and Coach for the Flames Basketball Team in Central Monrovia.

After his employment at State Broadcaster, Zoegar registered as full-fledged member of the Press Union of Liberia (PUL), where he served twice as Financial Secretary of the Union.

In order to assist young Liberian journalists demonstrate standards in Economic Reporting and protect them in the performance of their duties, Zoegar led the young practitioners to establishing the first ever Liberian Economic Journalists Association (LEJA) in 2009, thus becoming the Association’s elected Founding President.

His vision was to have a functional Liberian Economy, driven by local entrepreneurship, power-steered into motion –to propel a robust reportage of economic activities in the country.

Desirous of seeking greener pastures elsewhere, Zoegar left LBS and joined the Catholic Radio Station, Radio VERITAS, where he also performed remarkably.

At VERITAS, the subject served in the positions of Newscaster and News Editor, respectively. Zoegar distinguished himself as a professional journalist when he extended his service to the international scene by joining the BBC as Stringer for more than three years.

Zoegar transitioned his service from the private to the public service sector when he joined the Ministry of Finance Family, now the Ministry of Finance and Development Planning in 2010, with assignment in the Revenue Section. He was appointed early November as Director of Communications at the ministry, a position he occupied till his demise on that fateful Friday.

Indeed, the LBS Family will always remember Zoegar, not only for his activities while he was in the employ of the system, but for the passion he demonstrated for state radio even when he had left.

His contributions to the OBs, live sports commentaries, guest news presenter during our home-coming program, and also his association with LBS FALCONS are just a few other sacrifices made to LBS by this hero.

Go home Zoegar, go home - May your soul and the souls of all faithful departed rest in peace and perpetual light shines upon you.


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