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Prez Sirleaf alarms over economic growth decline

By Arthur Douglas
President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf
President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf

( 1, 2014)-President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf has alarmed over the sharp decline in Liberia’s economic growth.

President Johnson-Sirleaf called on members of the Legislature for their collective support to revamping the national economy. She said: “The country has already begun seeing that growth numbers were being revised downwards, hitting negative territory.”

The Liberian Leader comments were contained in a recent communication to the House of Representatives on Capitol Hill in Monrovia. The President cited recent projection that put Liberia’s 2014 growth-rate at negative zero point four percent (-0.4%) by 2015.

“There is a need to intensify resource mobilization efforts locally and internationally to secure funding for dealing with post-ebola economic challenges,” President Johnson-Sirleaf added.

She urged the National Legislature to prioritize allocating resources toward the productive sectors and infrastructure improvement. The President cited the productive sectors and infrastructure improvement as investing in agriculture, agro-business and light manufacturing.

The communication further quotes President Johnson-Sirleaf as saying: “These will stimulate the economy to job creation and balance of payments.”


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