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Liberia progresses in HIV/Aids reduction-Dr. Dahn

John Kumeh
A patient living with HIV/AIDS
A patient living with HIV/AIDS

( 2, 2014)-Liberia’s Chief Medical Officer, Bernice Dahn, says the country has made significant progress in reducing HIV/Aids.

Dr. Dahn said: “Despite the good news, there is dire need for people to stop stigmatizing and discriminating others living with HIV/Aids.”  She named sexual abuse, rape and poverty as the main factors contributing to the spread of the virus in Liberia.

The Chief Medical Officer made the statement Monday, December 1, 2014 at programs marking World Aids Day in Monrovia.

Delivering the UN Secretary General’s World Aids Day Message, UN Secretary General Special Representative to Liberia, Antonio Vigilante, has commended world leaders for their commitment to combating the HIV/Aids virus.

Mr. Vigilante said: “Efforts on the part of partners to eliminate mother-to-child transmission.” He also said: “The gains in the fight against HIV/Aids may remain fragile, if they are not maintained by the world.”

Also speaking at the ceremony, the Head of the Group (people living with HIV/Aids), Joe Joe Baysah, commended global efforts to fight the Aids disease.


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