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HIV is becoming less infectious, less deadly

Richmond Paye
 AIIDS Commission Chairman , Dr. Ivan Camanor,
AIIDS Commission Chairman , Dr. Ivan Camanor,

( 3, 2014)-Major scientific study has shown that HIV is evolving to become less infectious and less deadly.

A University of Oxford team shows the virus is being “watered down” as it adapts to human’s immune system.
The team said: “It was taking longer time for HIV infection to cause Aids and that the changes in the virus may help efforts to contain the pandemic.”

Some virologists said: “The virus may eventually become almost harmless as it continues to evolve.”

More than 35-million people around the world are infected with HIV and inside their bodies, a devastating battle takes place between the immune system and the virus.

HIV, a master of disguise, rapidly and effortlessly mutates to evade and adapt to the immune system.

The disease, in red, has infected a cell in the immune system yellow. However, HIV often infects someone with a particularly effective immune system.


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