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Nigerian medics arrived in Liberia, Sierra Leone

Jos Garneo Cephas /BBC
The African   volunteers medical workers
The African volunteers medical workers

( 5, 2014)-More than 250 Nigerian medical workers have arrived yesterday in Liberia and Sierra Leone to help with the response to the outbreak of the deadly Ebola virus in the Mano River Union basin.

The workers include doctors, scientists and hygienists, have been trained by the medical aid agency, MSF.
It came a day after residents in the Guinean capital, Conakry, protested about the construction of an Ebola treatment clinic in their district.
The Ebola outbreak has killed more than 6,000 people in West Africa this year.

The Nigerian medical workers are the first part of a contingent of about 250 specialists the West African country is deploying to the three countries worst hit by Ebola - Sierra Leone, Liberia and Guinea. The workers are expected to stay for between three and six months, Nigerian officials say.

The BBC international development correspondent, Mark Doyle, says it is a reminder that although richer countries and the big aid agencies have been giving crucial help,

Africans are very much part of the fight against Ebola too.
The Nigerian commitment is part of an African Union promise to send 1,000 medical workers to Ebola-hit areas by the end of this year.

Malaria warning

The deployments come amid a UN warning that people infected with malaria in Sierra Leone are sometimes not seeking care for fear of being shunned as suspected Ebola cases.

Medical experts say the symptoms of both diseases can be similar in their early stages and there are also fears that some people are being referred unnecessarily to Ebola treatment centres.


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