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Senatorial Election-2014: Legal arguments underway

Fallah Matthews
The Supreme Court of Liberia
The Supreme Court of Liberia

( 10, 2014)-Legal arguments on the cancellation of the December 16, 2014 Special Senatorial Election have begun at the Supreme Court of Liberia.

Two political parties, civil society organizations and some eminent citizens, are opposed to holding the election amidst the ongoing Ebola crisis in the country.

Lawyers representing the group have argued that successful conduct of free, fair and democratic election will remain elusive, amidst the presence of the disease in Liberia.

They further argued that prohibition of mass gathering by the virus clearly justifies their opposition to holding the election as scheduled by the National Elections Commission (NEC).

The lawyers also told the court that NEC is yet to put into place necessary mechanisms to prevent mass gathering.
They described mass gathering as a recipe for massive contraction of the Ebola virus that could further worsen the ongoing health crisis in Liberia.


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