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Ebola is still running ahead of containment efforts-WHO

James Akoi

( 11, 2014)-The World Health Organization (WHO) says the Ebola Virus is still “running ahead” of efforts to contain the disease.

WHO Director General, Margaret Chan, said: “The situation has improved in the some parts of the worst-affected countries,” and, however, warned against “complacency.”

Director Chan said: “The risk to the world always exists, while the outbreak continues. The   WHO and the International Community failed to act quickly enough.”
“The death toll in Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone stands at 6,331, more than 17,800 infected people,” the WHO further noted.

Dr. Chan said: “In Liberia, we are beginning to see good progress, especially in Lofa County (close to where the outbreak first started) and the capital.”

She noted that cases in Guinea and Sierra Leone were “less severe” than a couple of months ago.”
The WHO official added: “We are still seeing large numbers of cases.”


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