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Supreme Court lifts ban on Senatorial Election

Fallah Matthews/Joseph T. Koon
Associate Justices,  Philip Banks
Associate Justices, Philip Banks

( 15, 2014)-The Supreme Court has lifted the ban on the holding of the December 16, 2014 Special Senatorial Election in Liberia.

The Court announced the decision Saturday, December 13 when it handed down opinions and rendered judgment in the petition for a writ of prohibition.

The writ of prohibition was filed recently against the National Elections Commission (NEC) and the Justice Ministry by two political parties, a group of Civil Society organizations, including some eminent citizens.

The highest Court, however, mandated the NEC to ensure that Ebola precautionary measures, put in place by the Commission and health authorities, are strictly enforced during the electoral process.

During the hearing, two of the Associate Justices, Kabineh Janneh and Philip Banks, expressed descending opinions on the judgment and said: “As the Ebola prevalence rate decreases, the Virus is still killing thousands of people in the country.”

“The National Legislature and the Executive acted out of the law by allowing the election to be conducted under the conditions that are not favorable for the Liberian people,” Justice Janneh and Banks said.

Recently, the Supreme Court placed a stay order on the holding of the Special Senatorial Election, following the writ of prohibition petition.

They cited the Ebola crisis and a breach of some Constitutional provisions as reasons for their petition against the Government.

Meanwhile, the Special Senatorial Election will still be held Tuesday, December 16, 2014, despite the current political and legal disagreements.  


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