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Pro-tem Finley threatens legal action against Rep. Smith

John Kumeh
Senate Protempore, Gbehzohngar Finley
Senate Protempore, Gbehzohngar Finley

( 15, 2014)-Liberia’s Senate Protempore, Gbehzohngar Finley, has threatened legal action against Grand Bassa County Representative, Gabriel Smith.

Protempore Finley said his planned action is based on Representative Smith’s alleged involvement in vandalizing Radio Gbehzon in Grand Bassa County.

Senator Findley also said: “As a citizen of Grand Bassa County, I will ensure that Representative Smith pays for his action in court.”

“Instead of Representative Smith Being apologetic, he is bragging about vandalizing the Radio station,” he said.

When contacted, the accused, Representative Gabriel Smith, said: “The allegation leveled against me was far from being the truth. It was orchestrated by Senate Protempore Findley and supporters.”

“The action by the Senate Protempore is intended to tarnish my good reputation and make me unpopular amongst the people of Grand Bassa,” the Grand Bassa County Representative alleged.

Meanwhile, the Station Manager of Radio Gbehzon, , Hector Mulbah,  refuted ever denying Representative Smith access to air time as alleged by the law marker.

Mr. Mulbah said: “Switching off power during broadcast at 9 each day is a regular routine by the station. It was at this time that the representative burst out in anger that he was being denied air time.”


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