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Ebola Serum therapy treatment begins-Govt confirms

Patrick Flomo/Benjamin S. Taingay

( 16, 2014)-Liberia has begun treating Ebola patients with serum therapy, a treatment made from the blood of recovered survivors.

Doctors hope the experimental treatment could help combat the virus that has been sweeping across West Africa killing thousands of people.

Western media says up to 13 December, 6,841 people had reportedly died from the disease, with the total number of reported cases being more than 18,000.

Health experts say, if a person successfully fought off the infection, it means his body has learnt how to combat the virus and his blood could contain antibodies that has the ability to attack the Ebola virus.

Doctors can then take a sample of survivors’ blood and turn it into serum by removing the red blood cells and by keeping the important antibodies that could be used to treat other Ebola patients.

Ebola patients treated in the United Kingdom and the United States have already received such type of treatment.

Doctors in Liberia are monitoring to determine how safe and effective is the serum treatment, being given patients at the ELWA Hospital in Paynesville.

A number of Liberians health workers have been trained how to administer the therapy as scientists are further exploring other Ebola treatments to help fight the pandemic and safe lives.


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