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Jailed Senator released on alleged post-electoral violence

Dyrus Zinnah/Benjamin S. Taingay
Bomi County Senator, Lahai Lassan
Bomi County Senator, Lahai Lassan

( 26, 2014)-Bomi County Senator, Lahai Lassana, and his wife have been released from further police custody.

Senator Lassana and his wife (name with held) were arrested Wednesday morning, December 24, 2014 in Tubmanburg, Bomi County.

According to Police Spokesman, Sam Collins, the couple was arrested because they “masterminded” the recent election violence in Tubmanburg, the provincial Capital of Bomi County.

The Liberia National Police also said: “Senator Lassana was charged with criminal facilitation and breach of peace.”

At the same time, Senator Lassana has spoken out, for the first time, since his release from police custody.
The Senator told that he is innocent of the police charges against him.

He said: “My wife and I were sitting at home when a band of ERU officers arrived at our residence and informed me that I was under arrest on Executive Order.”

The Bomi County lawmaker further explained: “When my wife questioned the police why I was ordered arrested, a police officer slapped her and immediately took us away in a police van.”

“Upon arrival at the police Headquarters, I was never shown a charge sheet, contrary to claim by the police spokesman, Sam Collins.”

“As a sitting lawmaker, it is unfortunate that I was treated in such manner. However, my lawyers are handling the matter,” Senator Lassana added.

Meanwhile, the Bomi County Senator, his wife and 17 others are to reappear at the local police Headquarters for further investigation.


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