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UN Envoy extols Liberians for accomplishments

Arthur Douglas
Karin Landgrin
Karin Landgrin

( 26, 2014)- The United Nations Secretary General’s Special Representative to Liberia has praised  Liberians for their great  accomplishments during the year 2014.

Madam Karin Landgrin named the national response to the Ebola crisis and the peaceful conduct of the Special Senatorial Election as the biggest accomplishments of Liberians during the year. 

She said: “In both respects, Liberians have so much to celebrate and forge ahead for a better Liberia in the coming years.”

The United Nations Secretary General’s Special Representative to Liberia made the statement in an interview with Thursday, December 25, 2014 (Christmas Day).

The UN Mission’s Boss commended the Government and people of Liberia, saying: “Liberia has shown the region and the world that it is possible to turn Ebola around faster than anyone had dreamed.”

“If I had been told in September that the country would be down to five cases a day in December, I would not have believed it”, the UN official noted.

Liberia’s Ebola case-load has drastically dropped from about 100 cases to at least five per day. 

Madam Landgrin also added: “The conduct of the Special Senatorial Election was peaceful, guiding rules well-respected by all parties, and grievances properly channeled through the judicial system.”

The Special Senatorial Election was held Saturday, December 20, 2014 and the National Elections Commission (NEC) is now releasing provisional results from the various polling centers across Liberia.

Constitutionally scheduled for the second Tuesday in October, the election was postponed to December, because of the outbreak of the Ebola pandemic in the country. 

The election was intended to fill seats made vacant at the Liberian Senate as a result of the expiration of the nine year tenures of 15 senators.

Madam Landgrin, however, wants citizens preserve the gains made by avoiding being complacent and too relaxed.

Despite all these, Liberians must be reminded not to relax too much, not to relax the precaution and not to become complacent.

“Always remember that there is a need to preserve Liberia’s gains,” Madam Landgrin said.


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