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Court sentences man to life imprisonment for murder

Fallah Matthews
The Temple of Justice in Monrovia
The Temple of Justice in Monrovia

( 5, 2014)-Samuel David, the man being held for murdering his friend’s wife in cold blood, has been sentenced to life imprisonment by a local court judge.

Documents, in possession of, show that Criminal Court “A” Presiding Judge, Blamo Dixon,

sentenced defendant David, Tuesday, December 2, 2014. The decision follows Jurors’ guilty verdict against Mr. Dixon for murdering Peter Dennis’ wife, Gormah Bee-Peter.

The Judge has ordered that the defendant be placed behind bars in a common jail to serve his life sentence.

In related judiciary news, Jurors at Criminal Court “A” at the Temple of Justice have declared defendant Cacious Bracewell guilty of murdering Benedict Workpah in Arthington, Montserrado County 2013.

The Jurors reached the unanimous decision Wednesday. It followed final legal arguments between the Government lawyers and those representing defendant Bracewell.


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