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Campaigners want schools reopened in Ebola-infected West Africa

Edward Kennedy

( 5, 2014)-A campaign group has urged the rapid reopening of schools in the three Ebola-hit West African states.

The Campaigners said there are some five million children in the three Ebola-infected West African nations being denied education.

Education had become one of the first casualties of the crisis in Liberia, Guinea and Sierra Leone, the group also said. It also noted that the most marginalized would bear the brunt of the crisis for generations to come, if safe schools were not reopened.

Ebola was declared a health emergency after it was identified in March, 2014.

Sierra Leone President, Ernest Bai Koroma, said the country still had only 406 beds, or less than one-third of the number required to treat Ebola patients.

The United Kingdom (UK) has been heavily criticized by Sierra Leone for being slow in building a promised treatment center in the country.

The World Health Organization (WHO) says 6,055 people have died of the Ebola virus in the three Ebola-hit West African States. Schools were shut to reduce the risk of children becoming infected.

The Global Business Coalition for Education said reopening schools would not only give children an education, but would provide a first line of defense in tracing and monitoring potential cases of Ebola.

Meanwhile, US President, Barack Obama, has renewed calls for Congress to approve US$6b in emergency aid to fight the disease outbreak in West Africa.


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