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Imam Council condemns terrorism

Arthur Douglas

( 12, 2015)-The National Imam Council of Liberia (NICOL) has condemned acts of terrorism committed across the world in the name of Islam.

The Imam Council’s Acting National Chairman, Sheikh Ali Krayee, said: “Islam is not a violent religion as being portrayed by individuals and groups involved with terroristic activities around the world.”

Imam Krayee also said: “Such acts of terrorism have brought Islam under siege, causing Muslims to neglect their faith.”

Chairman Krayee made the statement Saturday, January 11, 2015 at the launch of a five-year Action Plan in the Liberian Capital, Monrovia.

“The initiative is aimed at intensifying Islamic education across Liberia, recruiting and converting non-Muslims, and building an Imam training complex in the country,” Imam Krayee further noted.

He, however, emphasized that they intend accomplishing their religious responsibilities through peaceful means.


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