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At Legislature: wrangling triggers fist fight

Sorbor George/Joseph T. Koon
Section of the hall of the  House of Legislature
Section of the hall of the House of Legislature

( January 16, 2015)- The Chamber of the House of Representatives was a scene of a drama when official business was abruptly disrupted once again by some aggrieved lawmakers Thursday, January 15, 2015.

Our reporter said normal business of the House of Representatives came to a halt after few lawmakers called for observation but were ignored by Speaker Alex Tyler.

Our reporter said:” The entire Plenary became emotionally charged and disorganized when a scuffle suddenly broke out between some aggrieved lawmakers loyal to the Speaker on one hand, and those opting for his recusal from session, on the other,”

“A fist fight between the opposing lawmakers resulted to the abrupt adjournment of Thursday’s session by Speaker Tyler,” our reporter said.

Minutes after the disruption, security guards assigned at the House of Representatives escorted the Speaker out the Chamber for rescue.

In recent days, the House of Representatives has been engulfed by internal wrangling occasioned by the disruption of its regular sessions by some members of that august body.

Prior to the Tuesday’s incident, some aggrieved lawmakers requested Speaker Tyler to rescue himself from presiding over sessions until investigation is conducted into the $US 25- thousand dollar oil deal in question.

The aggrieved members of the Lower House are also calling for the removal of Speaker Tyler for allegedly signing a check in the tune of $US25, 000 oil deal unilaterally.

On the other hand, some lawmakers loyal to the Speaker condemned the action of their colleagues and called on them to seek proper redress to their concerns.


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