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Hiking in transport fares is punishable-Govt

Joseph Sayon/Garneo Cephas
Transport Minister, Angeline Cassell-Bush
Transport Minister, Angeline Cassell-Bush

( Jan. 19, 2015)-The Government of Liberia has threatened to deal with commercial drivers failing to comply with the new transport fares.

Deputy Information Minister for Public Affairs, Isaac Jackson said:”Government will also punish any passenger caught conniving with commercial drivers to pay above the approved fares.”

“Passengers who are always in the rush are in the constant habit of asking the drivers to charge more than the approved transport fare,” Deputy Minister Jackson noted.

He warned against such habit and called on all Liberians to respect the new transport fares for the common good all.
Deputy Minister Jackson spoke Monday, January 19, 2015 at the Information Ministry’s regular press briefing in Monrovia.

Meanwhile, commuters in Paynesville have welcomed the reduction in transport fares by the Liberian government.
Government officially announced new transport fares Monday, reflecting the drop in the prices of petroleum products.

The commuters speaking to a team of ELBC reporters described the reduction in transport fares as appropriate and laudable.

They said: “The reduction in new transport fares is encouraging, especially in the wake of the reopening of schools.”

“We want government to be robust in the enforcement of reduction of transport fares because it will not benefit the ordinary people if is not fully implemented, “the commuters said.

They also called on government provide more public transport on the streets to ease the transportation problem faced by passengers.


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