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Calm returns to House of Representatives

Dyrus Zinnah/Joseph T. Koon

( Jan. 20, 2015)-The House of Representatives resumed official business Tuesday, January 20, 2015 at the Capitol following the disruption of regular sessions by some aggrieved lawmakers of that august body.

Our Legislative reporter said:”Representatives Bill Twehway, Henry Fanbulleh, Samuel Korgar, Edwin Snowe and Roland Cooper, masterminded a sustained protest which disrupted sessions on two occasions at the House of Representatives.”

“The aggrieved lawmakers have abandoned their protest against the Speaker, thereby allowing him to preside over session Tuesday, January 20, 2015.

In a communication last week, the aggrieved lawmakers requested Speaker Tyler to recuse himself from presiding over sessions for his alleged corruption deal of $US25, 000 with the National Oil Company of Liberia (NOCAL).

During Tuesday’s session, the Plenary has sent the alleged corruption case to its Committee on Rules, Orders and Administration for probe and report in one week.

At the same time, the lawmakers also wrote another communication to Plenary, calling for the withdrawal of their previous communication which sparked off the recusal action against Speaker Tyler.

The House Plenary, however, noted the communication, but failed to either comment on its acceptance or denial.

The Chamber of the House of Representatives was a scene of tense internal wrangling which triggered a fist fight among aggrieved lawmakers on one hand, and lawmakers loyal to the Speaker on the other.

There have been widespread public condemnations over the recent disruption of sessions by some lawmakers which led to a fist fight at the House of Representatives.

They called on the Leadership of the Lower House to conduct a speedy investigation into the incident to serve as a deterrent. 

Up to press time, the fate of the lawmakers who masterminded the disturbances is yet unknown, as Plenary is still silent on the issue.


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