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Liberian Author releases new book

Charles Coffey/Benjamin S. Taingay

( 30, 2015)-A new book titled, “The Liberia of my Dream,” has been released in Liberia.

The book is a motivational document with the strategy for personal and national transformation.

It also seeks to inspire Liberians to develop a new concept of nationhood that will define Liberia and predict its future.

The Liberia of my Dream was written by the Managing Director of the Standard Trust Microsoft, Limited, Steve Kolubah.

Mr. Kolubah, who also serves as Chief Executive Officer of Standard Trust Microsoft, Limited, spoke to recently in Monrovia.

He said: “My dream is to motivate fellow Liberians to become nationalistic and patriotic.”

The book’s Author wants fellow Liberians take charge of the formulation of the nation’s development agenda, while the Government becomes the implementing arm.

“With such arrangement, Liberia’s vision will continue living on,” Mr. Kolubah added.


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