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Govt to investigate factory explosion

Baysah Kollie/Benjamin S. Taingay
 Internal Affairs Minister, Morris Dukuly
Internal Affairs Minister, Morris Dukuly

( 2, 2015)-Government says it will launch full-scale investigation into the recent factory explosion at the Liberian Agriculture Company (LAC) in Grand Bassa County.

The explosion severely injured some 17 workers at the company, six of whom reportedly died shortly, following the incident.

Assuring the workers and their families, Internal Affairs Minister, Morris Dukuly, said: “The Gov’t is working along with LAC to conduct investigation into the explosion and into other concerns raised by the workers.

Minister Dukuly, currently serving as Chairman of the National Disaster Relief Commission, described the situation as a “tragic” accident.

He further noted: “President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf was deeply concerned about the incident,” whose cause is yet to be established.

The National Disaster Relief Commission made the statements over the weekend at the accident scene in District Number three.

He was accompanied by Labor Minister, Neto Leighe, and other local officials, including Grand Bassa County Assistant Superintendent for Development, Adonis Greaves.


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