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On March 31, 2014, the first Ebola outbreak was reportedin Lofa County by the Liberian Government.

Considering the far-reaching impacts of this national health emergency, Liberian health authorities dispatched a team of medical personnel to provide swiftintervention for the people of Lofa County.

In less than four months, healthworkers succeeded in the containment of the Ebola Virus in the county through diligence and commitmentto duty.

Though the death toll in Lofa, during the first Ebola outbreak, did not reach an alarming proportion, the health catastrophe,indeed,created a threat to human existence, amidst Liberia’sweak health system.

In August, 2014, the second outbreak of Ebola engulfed the country, claiming the lives of thousands of our fellow citizens during the height of the crisis.

Yes, indeed,Liberia lost thousands of lives, because of capacity challenges in the health sector, denial, and ignorance ofthepreventive measures.

Despite all these, our pledge as Liberiansshall, now and forever, be to understand the socio, economic and political impactstriggered by the outbreak, and topursue the path of accepting the trial and error approach.

Prior to the prevention period of the Ebola Virus, the Liberian Government and international partners sought several intervention strategies with the view of addressing this global menace once and for all.

In the wisdom of the Government and partners, the best option should be a scientific-driven approach, based on research, capable of producing a lasting and reliable solution to the outbreak ofthe Virus now and in the future.

That is why the Ebola Virus trial Vaccines started in Liberia Monday, February 2as an important history-making event for the country.

The one-year Trial Vaccines,being administered by Liberian and American scientists, is intended to experiment whether the vaccines can prevent Ebola or cure aperson infected withthe virus.

One good reason for carrying out the trialvaccines in Liberia is, because the country is one of the West African nation’s worst-hit by the epidemic.

We, at the Liberia News Agency (LINA), strongly believe that thesetrial vaccines, if tested successful in Liberia, will contribute to the development of more vaccines to protect not only the people of Liberia, but others living elsewhere,from being infected by the pandemicin the future.

Despite mixed public perceptions and apprehensions about what necessitated the scientific study in Liberia,Let it be clearly known that with the huge international support to this endeavor, our country deserves this glorious opportunity of history-making.

Should we allow this opportunity slip by us to our neighbors, also victimized by the Ebola virus?
We, at the Liberia News Agency, say a big NO, because Liberia’s selection was God’s destined.

Let it also be known that the Vaccinesare not for everybody.
Rather, it is for about twenty to thirty thousandhealthy volunteers in Ebola affected communities, healthcare workers, burial team members, husbands and wives of Ebola survivors and ambulance workers.

Certainly, it is about time that Liberians, at home and abroad, understand that the rationale for the Ebola Vaccine tests in Liberia is imperative,because we want to build an Ebola-free and healthier nation now and in the future.

We, at the Liberia News Agency, wouldlike to see a united front and great enthusiasm among Liberians to develop interest in such worthy exercise, because it is the surest way we can save our nation from the Ebola disease.

We, therefore, encourage the target volunteers to participate in the process in the spirit of good citizenship and responsibility.

Truly, Liberia stands to accrue befitting dividends from these internationally-backed Ebola Virus trial Vaccines.

That is why we, the LINA Family, is of the conviction that Liberia is, indeed, poised to be placed on the pages of world history, especially within the ranks and files of international bodies like the WHO and CDC, if the rationale for the Ebola Vaccine testis considered imperative and construedas a positive venture to achieve a success story for our country.

Finally, let us be reminded as Liberians that our country, being our heritage, our true identity, and our pride, shall long be ours.

So, let us act now by voluntarily participating in the vaccines’ study to decisively win the fight against Ebola.


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