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LEITI workshop participants want teamwork, lucidity

Jacob Parley/Benjamin S. Taingay

( 6, 2015)-Participants at a two-day workshop on Liberia’s extractive industry are calling for collaboration and transparency.  

The workshop is intended to enhance the capacity of chiefs and other traditional leaders on the extractive industry.

A member of LEITI’s Multi-Stakeholders Steering Group, Kofi Ireland, and the organization’s Head of Secretariat, Konah Karmo, said: “Collaboration would help enhance the operations of the entity.

The workshop’s participants called for genuine transparency in Liberia’s extractive industry, saying: “People need to go beyond disclosure of taxes and revenues.”

They said: “This can be done by demanding openness on how such revenues are used.”

The workshop, organized by LEITI, is being attended by over 30 traditional leaders from across the country.


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