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Dual citizenship debate is on

Jacob Parley/Benjamin S. Taingay

( 9, 2015)-Two panelists have been sharing opposing views on ongoing debate on granting dual citizenship in Iberia.

The two panelists are former University of Liberia Student Union (ULSU) President, Anthony Kesselly and a Liberian economist, Samuel Toweh.

Mr. Kesselly, also Policy Advisor to Vice President, Joseph Boakai, said: “Granting Liberians dual citizenship will enhance the country’s economic growth and infrastructural development.”

He also noted that the idea will contribute immensely to Liberia’s labor sector by helping to assemble needed expertise in the country’s human resource industry.

For his part, panelist Toweh welcomed the idea, but wants some modifications made in the process.

He said: “Such modification will ensure that those wanting the opportunity abused are corrected through the legal process.”

The Liberian economist also added: “Those who may enjoy dual citizenship, if upheld, should maintain their properties, but should be denied participation in Liberian politics.”

Messrs Kesselly and Toweh made the opposing observations to Friday, February 6, 2015 in Paynesville.


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