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Armah Zulu Jallah elected Senate Pro-Tempore

Joseph T. Koon
Senate Pro-Tempore,  Armah  Zulu Jalla
Senate Pro-Tempore, Armah Zulu Jalla

( 12, 2015)- Gbarpolu County Senator, Armah  Zulu Jallah, has been elected as President Pro-Tempore of the Liberian Senate.

Members of the Liberian Senate Thursday, February 12, 2015, conducted an election in which Senator Armah Jallah was announced winner at the National Legislature.

Out of the 27 Senators who took part in the electoral process, Senator Jallah received 13 votes, while Senators Joseph Nagbe and Oscar Cooper, received 11 and 3 votes, respectively. 

The election comes as a result of the  defeat of the former President Pro-Tempore, Gbehzohngar Findley, to retain his position as Grand Bassa County Senator in the foregone December 20 Special Senatorial Election in Liberia.

Prior to his election as President Pro-Tempore, Senator Jallah, joined the Liberian Senate on the ticket of the former ruling National Patriotic Party (NPP).

The prestigious President Pro-Tempore post was highly contested by Margibi County Senator, Oscar Cooper, Gbarpolu County Senator, Armah Jallah, and Sinoe County Senator, Joseph Nagbe.

According to Chapter 5, Article 47 of the Liberian Constitution, the Senate shall elect once every year a President Pro-Tempore who shall preside in the absence of the President of the Senate.


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