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Government orders autopsy on Lawyer Allisons body

James Paykoo/Joseph T. Koon
                                           The remains of Cllr. Allison as discovered on  the 14th Street, Sinkor Beach
The remains of Cllr. Allison as discovered on the 14th Street, Sinkor Beach

A team of Sierra Leonean pathologists has arrived in Liberia to perform autopsy on the body of Cllr. Michael Allison to establish the actual cause of his death.

Cllr. Allison was discovered dead  on February 15, 2015 on a beach on 4th Street in the Sinkor, a suburb of the Liberian Capital, Monrovia.

Information Minister, Lewis Brown, said:” The coming of the Sierra Leonean pathologists to Liberia was made possible through the instrumentality of President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf.”

“Government will treat the matter with seriousness and with the urgency it deserves,” Minister Brown said. Meanwhile, Police in Monrovia are investigating circumstances surrounding the death of Cllr. Allison.

Prior to his death, Cllr. Allison, a onetime whistle blower in the NOCAL $US25, 000 corruption saga at the House of Representatives, complained of constant threats on his life.

Another account of the Allison episode indicates he reportedly provided a tip off to the Liberia Anti Corruption Commission (LACC) on the $US25,000 in question.

Authorities at the LACC have since condemned the mysterious death of Cllr. Allison.

The LACC family had called on the Liberian Government to launch speedy investigation into the matter and bring the perpetrators to justice. Up to press time, no arrest has been made since Cllr. Allison’s dead body was discovered.

According to reports, the remains of Cllr. Allison is being deposited at a local funeral home awaiting autopsy report and burial.


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